Whole timber frame structures, hybrids and open roof features.

This is the heart and soul of our business and what our talented crew does best, no matter what style of frame you desire, from reclaimed, rough cut, hand hewn, to oiled and polished. We know what it takes to cut, fabricate, deliver and erect a finished structure on your site. Our builds of truss and timber are easily adaptable to form hybrid homes with conventional framing, or act as a suitable addition. We prefer to be hands on but can also kit carefully cataloged timber  packages which you or your builder can assemble yourself. 


Traditional mortise & tenon joinery

We are a small team focused on detail and artistry. You will not find CNC machines or computer aided routing on our shop floor. We do employ modern equipment like sawmill, chain mortiser and beam saws to aid in the building process. Through the use of conversion techniques in order mimic a “period", with great, attention placed on proper, hand hewing with broad axe and chiseling of mortise by hand.


Period correct restoration & preservation

With these efforts we make new the old, to repurpose the building, or to modify and modernize the structure so it can continue to serve. This could be done by anything from select beam replacement, to patch or re-chinking in some log applications.



Historic structure consulting Have a timber frame and looking for someone to assess it? We can advise you on exactly what you have, the best way to move forward and develop a step by step plan of action. 



Design & Engineering Services

Over the years we have started on both sides of the design process. We can recommend a trusted partner or sit at the table with you and your architect. If a scaled model is required to visual the end product we can and will handle your request.



Detail work

Customizing your new structure can be accomplished through details like pendants, chamfering, corbels, decorative accent bents, peg variation and the application of natural oil finishes. Sometimes it is the small additions on these large projects that bring the designs home, further enhancing to create warmth while retaining the scale. 




On most projects we source our material from the network of sawyers we have in place. We can and will process lumber with an onsite band saw mill, to complete a repair or accompaniment to any project. Our 8000 square foot, facility houses thousands of board feet of aired dried salvaged timber and barn wood available for your next project. (minimum orders may apply)



Educational workshops

CRAFTWRIGHT Offers workshops in timber framing. All of the workshops are held at our Westminster facility, and can be tailored to fit the students needs. From learning basic joinery and technique, to working through and taking home an actual framed project. 

Please contact us for rates and availability. 2019 Classes are forming now.